Types of Songs Dads can play in their Daughter's Wedding

Types of Songs Dads can play in their Daughter’s Wedding

Are you looking for the perfect alternative father-daughter dance song for your upcoming wedding or special event? Look no further! In this guide, we’ll provide you with a list of alternative rock, R&B, and other unique father-daughter dance songs to choose from.


Choosing a father-daughter dance song for your wedding or special event can be an emotional experience. Traditionally, the father chooses the song for his daughter to dance with him. Some parents don’t even wait for the big day; they select the song years in advance, pre-recording a special dance to it. But some couples prefer giving their daughter the freedom to choose the perfect alternative father-daughter dance song for her special day.

For a more unconventional father-daughter dance, consider alternative rock songs.

Top 10 Alternative Rock Father-Daughter Dance Songs
1.Zombie – The Cranberries: Emotionally resonant, a tribute to everlasting love.
2.Year of the Cat – Al Stewart: A poetic journey, perfect for a reflective dance.
3.Wildflowers – Tom Petty: Celebrates individuality and unconditional love.
4.Blackbird – The Beatles: A classic with a message of hope and change.
5.High and Dry – Radiohead: Melancholic yet hopeful, adding depth to your special moment.
6.Yellow – Coldplay: A modern classic about devotion.
7.The Night We Met – Lord Huron: Romantic and haunting; perfect for an intimate dance.
8.Wish You Were Here – Pink Floyd: For a soul-searching, emotionally charged moment.
9.Bitter Sweet Symphony- The Verve: Captures the complexities of life and love.
10.Everlong – Foo Fighters: Fast-paced yet tender, suitable for an energetic dance.

Top 10 Alternative Rock Father-Daughter Dance Songs Playlist


R&B music brings a soulful charm to the father-daughter dance.

Top 10 Alternative R&B Father-Daughter Dance Songs

1.Iris – Goo Goo Dolls: Poignant and heartfelt, a song about unconditional love.
2.Your Song – Elton John: A touching ballad that celebrates love and individuality.
3.Latch – Sam Smith: Modern and upbeat, speaks to a deep emotional connection.
4.Tell the World – Eric Hutchinson: Bright and optimistic, perfect for a cheerful moment.
5.Love Me Now – John Legend: A moving song about cherishing the present.
6.All of Me – John Legend: A modern-day love anthem, perfect for a romantic dance.
7.Say You Won’t Let Go – James Arthur: Emotional and poignant, great for a meaningful dance.
8.Best Part- H.E.R & Daniel Caesar: Celebrates the simple joys of love.
9.Adorn – Miguel: Energetic and romantic, suitable for a lively dance.
10. Ordinary People – John Legend: Relatable and heartfelt, captures the essence of love.