Ann-Marie is an accomplished saxophonist and jazz/soul/pop and performs with DJs, percussionists, bands, dep and session work.
The first instrument I learned was the recorder at school, but I actually took it seriously and quickly learned to read music and play quite well on the descant, treble and tenor recorders.
At secondary school I started with the clarinet and worked my way through the grades to grade 6, along with singing. At that time, the saxophone was just a second instrument and I took it up again seriously into adulthood, by attending music college in Leeds.

My main instrument now is the tenor saxop hone for which I play straight ahead jazz, but I also play the alto and soprano, mainly for funk and soul and acoustic gigs. At college I also studied the flute as a subsidiary instrument and took piano lessons.

In 2010 I took up playing the trombone snd subsequently the sousaphone as I enjoy listening to and playing reggae, ska and New Orleans style jazz. It was initially a bit of fun but I worked my way through the jazz grades on the trombone and then took that seriously too!
I have also run and managed my own bands, which I still do: Brassbound, a funky, jazzy brass and wind street band; Silverrock, a reggae band and The Funk N Disorderleez, a funk, soul and disco band.

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Soul, Jazz, Funk, Reggea, Classics, Pop, Afrobeat, Chart


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