Galopede! are a fresh and lively ceilidh band who will bring a smile to your face and put a bounce in your stride!
Carefully crafted tune sets played on the fiddle, melodeon, mandolin and guitar are delivered to any dance floor in the UK – even via our own, portable PA system if required

Whether it’s a wedding, a birthday, a festival or just a party for the sake of having a party, Galopede! will have all levels and age of dancers up out of their seats, and twirling around the dance floor with panache

A ceilidh is a music and dance event for dancing, socialising and fun. And in Galopede! we love playing music for fun!
Our music is cheerful and lively, consisting mainly of jigs, reels, hornpipes, polkas, slip-jigs, rants and waltzes. Basic ceilidh steps and dances can be learned easily; a short instructional session is provided for new dancers by the ‘Caller’ before the start of the dance itself. Dancing at ceilidhs is usually in the form of circle dances, set dances or couple dances and our caller provides a good range of different dances and styles, adapting them to suit our crowd. If you’re a seasoned dancer or musician, let us know your requests for tunes and dances.

Act Information

Music Genre

Irish, Scottish and Various Barn Dance Music


2 x 60min OR 3 x 30min Sets


£480.00 + Travel (Duo)
£680.00 + Travel (3 Piece Band)
£880.00 + Travel (4 PieceBand Inc Caller)

£250.00 (Include Disco)



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