Live Act And Disco

Live Band And Disco


The Live act and disco, is a package we offer when our client want a Live act performance without that awkward break in activity when the Band or Tribute Act has a break or finishes before end of night, especially when the bar is still open.


The Disco is there for several reasons


1.  To warm up the crowed before the band or tribute act goes on


2.  Offer a wider choice of music than an "Abba Tribute"


3. Cover any breaks for the band or tribute act/ band


4. Finally the disco can take over after the band/ Act finishes till

    end of the night.


5. The combination also saves floor space's as both disco and   

    band will use the same P.A, lights and sound engineer.


As Silverbird Entertainments also include Live performers, the concept is to incorporate a mixture of mobile disco and live band, tribute act, or any of our tribute bands all in one. That way the band or act does not need to bring their own separate PA system.

See photos below

-    The Silverbird disco/band show can be tailored to fit a variety of sizes.
-    It can be both indoors or outdoors
-    Performance time are flexible
-    Up to 10K Rig sound system (Very loud)
-    Experienced Sound Engineer (where necessary)
-    Experiences Lightning Engineer (where necessary)
-    Team of roadies
-    Variety of wonderful and amazing light show to impress
-    Only the best & most experienced DJ's are used here

As mentioned above call us to discuss your requirements


'Stylus' Party Band And Disco At Eynsham Hall


'Queens' Tribute Band and Disco at Silverstone


"Spellbound" and Disco in a Barn (Private Party)