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Free 4 All are all individual music enthusiasts and have been performing together as a band for over 8 years.
Meet the people behind the instruments!

Amy- Lead Vocals, backing vocals and the face of the band!

Laurence- Lead Vocals and Keyboards

Clive- Backing Vocals and Guitar

Derek- Drummer, if you can spot him behind his mass of drums!

The band have played for a variety of events, pubs and clubs.
Recent places include: Reading University, Oxfordshire Young Farmers, Southfield Golf Club, 

Four Pillars Hotels, O'Neils Pub Chain and a range of small festivals throughout the UK.


MUSIC GENRE:            Motown, Soul, Indie, Rock & Pop - Up to date charts


Performance Sets:      2 x 60 min OR 3 x 40min set 


PRICE:                          3 Piece Party band £600.00 (plus travel)


                                                  4 Piece Party Band: £700.00 (plus travel)


                                      Jazz & Bar Pianist:  £250.00 (plus travel )


Option:                          A D.J can be included to start off the night, cover                                                 breaks & taker over after band finishes till end of the                                           night.



Song List:                         For their song list, click HERE


Enquiry:                       For band availability & quiotation click HERE



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